Some words out of the future

Posted on July 31, 2012


Some words out of the future

while we obviously struggle through heavily overdebted economies of an obsolete financial global system represented by the club of IFM members we often loose the vision of how it could be and how it should be. Not politics nor economics can be seperated from the basement of financial realities and any twist of it ended badly as human history shows in endless defaults. You need even a full functional currency system if you want to be socialist.

It may take a while to remove the fractional banking system and apply for constitutional granted ethics, if we want to fix this world, but meanwhile we got to keep going in sustainable capitalism having lots of tools at hand which are not currency system based. Compensation on all scales is one of them.

There are many exiting things coming out of science and its subsequent and nasty registration of patents and I am not referring to electronic devises and useless toys. Tomorrow I will tell you that today giant global corporate activities have been born and you missed it blinded by the mess of yesterday. 2012 we did not enter into apocalypsis but into the era of science with a radical revolution to come any given moment.

We did the last step into free energy, into space travel 100 times faster than light, global health without trad drugs, hoovering cars, ships, stem cell, genetics, long livity and even the most fashionable electronic data and com devise actually is stone age. The future human productivity, education and well being is granted and one global NGO started fighting for, ASFAM.

Tomorrow I tell you that the intentions of today (sending debt in circles) ended deadly in many corners of the world but this the pain with humanity not able to understand corruption. I will tell you we manged to create union within the scientific world first time after more than 2000 years and that a very prosperous system of well being needed to be established in the shadow and silence of nowadays fights and worries. Leading scientists such as M T Keshe are the next level of human references and not anymore the political screw drivers and trade desk junkies of unbelievable rich stolen to the human future.

We honestly look forward to explore even Keppler 30 and do all these things falling out of science fiction movies. We got the science and we got the proof. By the nature of such improvements world will change within 20 years and so does the economic handling of it. Not being informed nor prepared to it is the warranty of bancrupcy total.

Dont loose the big picture and start breathing again dear memebers of economic intelligence unit. I could deliver 500 inputs on human productivity, so can you. Lets step back all together from reforming a rotten system and re learning that the human hand is the only realistic base to economic science. System feeders such as Kaynes or Friedmann are out of any intelligence and shame on us not having investigated the math consecuences of a criminal fractional banking system delivering the blood stream to humanity. A blood stream full of cancer.

Join the reflection.

(written by Horst G Ludwig in Economic Intelligence Unit)

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