Activist flees Canada in terror

Posted on August 10, 2012


To avoid a fifth arrest for refusing to abandon his human rights work, Canadian activist, Kevin Galalae, escaped the clutches of the Canadian police state by swimming over the St. Croix river into the US in the dead of night at -25° Celsius, in the middle of February, and nearly losing his life on the first attempt when his inflatable bed was capsized by floating ice. He succeeded the next night when the temperature rose to -5° Celsius.

Galalae’s odyssey began in 2009 when he was expelled from Oxford and Leicester universities to suppress views that he subsequently published as the OM Principles and which he now makes available to the public in seven languages as a humane and sustainable alternative to the current socio-economic system.

In protest of his expulsion, Mr. Galalae appealed to various adjudication bodies and while investigating the cause of his expulsion discovered that he had fallen victim to a covert program of censorship and surveillance (SAC) which operates in British universities since 2007, has international tentacles, falls under the auspices of CONTEST, Britain’s counter-terrorism policy, and was about to be introduced throughout the EU starting in 2010.

He published his findings in the by now infamous article, The Great Secret: Surveillance and Censorship in Britain and the EU, where he named undercover agents and detailed the legal dead ends the British government had conceived to bypass the law and keep the program and its violations secret.  This emboldened Universities UK to publicly declare that universities have a legal obligation to defend freedom of speech and that henceforth it recommends that higher education institutions no longer collaborate with Britain’s secret service agencies to spy on and censor students.  This made Mr. Galalae an instant enemy of Britain’s intelligence apparatus and he was subjected to multiple cyber-attacks, perpetual surveillance, and partial isolation from the outside world by screening his incoming and outgoing emails.

He appealed for help to the Canadian media and the political establishment but was ignored and even advised to forget the matter.  Mr. Galalae, however, who was born and raised in communist Romania, could not forget that his expressional rights were violated on the sacrosanct soil of universities and that the free world had become virtually indistinguishable from the communist hell he left as a child.  He could also not accept that his life-long dream of pursuing graduate studies in international relations – a dream for which he saved and sacrificed for years and for which he used his last window of opportunity – was destroyed without compensation or even an apology.

In March 2011, Mr. Galalae sued the UK at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and a month later flew to Strasbourg, France, to commence a hunger strike at the Council of Europe to compel Europe’s technocrats and politicians to condemn SAC, admit its existence and compensate all students who fall victim to it.  He hungered for one month, time during which he lost 55 pounds or 25% of his body weight, but was ignored by Human Rights Commissioner Hammarberg, whom Mr. Galalae addressed a public and excoriating letter every week, and by the European press, which went out of it way to ignore Mr. Galalae’s presence and objectives in France.

But ignored he was not.  The six articles Mr. Galalae published during his month-long hunger strike – and that appeared on Cryptome and Wikispooks – drew a lot of attention online and caused great embarrassment to Britain’s and Europe’s counter-radicalization agenda, as well as to the UN Security Council bodies, the CTC and the CTED, entrusted with overseeing the global fight against terrorism and radicalization.

In these articles, Mr. Galalae presented evidence from Wikileaks cables and elsewhere that the West employs multiple programs to deny students the right to education both pre- and post-enrollment, in clear violation of international law, and that the UK government is motivated by Islamophobia and that as a result its programs and policies are divisive and destructive and achieve the very opposite of their stated goals.  He also surmised that the global counter-radicalization policy delegated from the UN is used and abused as a counter-resistance policy to globalization and the ravages of corporate capitalism.  He showed that Resolution 1624 (2005) gives governments throughout the world, regardless of their democratic credentials, the ability to stifle legitimate political dissent with dire global repercussions on human rights and democratic aspirations and that, as a result, those entrusted with defending our cherished values from terrorists are actually causing more harm to our liberal societies than the terrorists would ever hope to achieve.

The evidence Mr. Galalae presented and his scathing criticism did not go well with the leaders of the close allied nations, whom Mr. Galalae took to task in an open letter entitled Appeal to Reason.  Mr. Galalae assigned the lion’s share of the blame to the UK, which introduced Resolution 1624 (the so-called counter-radicalization resolution) in 2005 at the Security Council and who also usurped the power of the European Court of Human Rights under the cover of reform,but in fact soas to prevent victims of state violence due to the British-conceived counter-radicalization agenda from seeking and finding justice at Europe’s court of last resort.

Unbeknown to him at the time, while Mr. Galalae hungered at the door of Europe’s institutions to defend the West’s cherished values, racist and crown loyalist elements in his home town in Canada (which include Ontario’s Attorney General, John Gerretsen, and Canada’s former Speaker-of-the-House-of-Commons, Peter Milliken) were preparing a vicious and retaliatory attack on him with the full knowledge and consent of the Canadian and British governments.  They altered his medical records to create a non-existent history of mental illness.  They also applied intense pressure on Mr. Galalae’s wife, who is mentally and emotionally feeble and a vulnerable woman, to file a complaint with the local police to the effect that her husband suffers from “delusions” and espouses “bizarre ideologies” and coached her to leave the house with the children just hours before her husband arrived home.

Right – Benjamin Alexander MARSHALL-GALALAE, Kevin’s Elder Son Nine Yrs old with his younder brother Oliver James Constantin GALALAE, two yrs of age. Kevin’s youngest son

This set the stage for an arrest under the pretense that Mr. Galalae harassed his wife when he went to the in-laws’ house to inquire where his wife and children had disappeared, but where he was stopped from seeing his wife and children by the police and threatened with trespassing.

Determined to discredit Mr. Galalae’s human rights activism by declaring him mentally unfit, the authorities arrested Mr. Galalae shortly after he knocked on the in-laws’ door (and just two days after he came home from France)and forced him into a mental institution for 72 hours on the pretext that he is unable to care for himself.  The psychiatrists were then fed misleading information about Mr. Galalae’s medical history by the police and then coerced to issue a fabricated discharge summary, two months later, tailor-made to justify Mr. Galalae’s arrest and to throw into doubt the veracity of his articles and revelations.  Hours before he was to be released from hospital, the police then arrested Mr. Galalae and charged him with harassment on the hospital premises.

When upon his eventual release from prison Mr. Galalae amassed indisputable and independent psychological evidence proving his mental health, the authorities used the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) to prevent Mr. Galalae from seeing his own flesh and blood and to issue a false report about his competence as a father and primary caregiver.  The CAS was also instructed to hide the video evidence of Mr. Galalae’s supervised visits with his children so as to deny him the ability to have them analyzed by a third party and prove that he is an excellent father, with a close and loving rapport to his children, as two dozen people had attested in letters of support which were duly ignored.

In a legal display of malice, the court imposed recognizance conditions on Mr. Galalae designed to lead to the loss of his employment, financial ruin, and total dependence on others.  He was thrown out of his home with only the clothes on his back, had his laptop computer confiscated, was cut off access to his wage and left penniless, was denied access to his office and work computers and database, and was ordered to live five hours away from his children and to not come within 500 m of them, his wife and his friends.  The objective of these unjustifiable and draconian conditions imposed on a man 46 years old and with no criminal record was to isolate him and to destroy him financially and emotionally.

To continue to hold Mr. Galalae’s children hostage and use them as pawns in order to force him to acquiesce to the unspoken demand that he stops his human rights activism and denounces his own conclusions and revelations about the police state, the Canadian authorities then employed the full power of the legal apparatus to re-arrest Mr. Galalae under false pretenses (i.e. breach), deny him bail and the presumption of innocence, coerce his lawyers, intimidate his sureties, confiscate exonerating evidence on threat of imprisonment, use secret evidence, deny him access to the Crown Disclosure, and corner him in prison to force him to plead guilty to crimes he did not commit if he ever wanted to see his children again.  More than this, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), was used to penetrate Mr. Galalae’s computers and to destroy exonerating evidence from his wife’s account; the destruction of which Mr. Galalae was then accused and convicted of even though the notion that Mr. Galalae would destroy evidence that proves his innocence and indicts the true culprits flies in the face of reason.

To prevent a possible reconciliation between him and his wife, and to continue denying him access to the evidence against him, the authorities deprived Mr. Galalae of the right to self-defense.  They achieved this by charging Mr. Galalae with harassment for suing the police and hospital in civil court and for filing a court motion to obtain custody of his children; in other words, for defending himself.  Mr. Galalae was then arrested at family court five minutes prior to appearing in court to advance his rights to his children and property.  He was released a week later with new conditions.

This campaign of harassment and repression has destroyed Mr. Galalae’s career as a professional writer and has bankrupted him.  Undeterred, Mr. Galalae continued his fight for justice and created The People’s Protection Court to address state violence against innocent individuals.  He also created OM (Our Mind) The Voice and Will of the 99%, an organization that seeks to change the current system of global governance and that gives voice to the sentiments of the majority.

Leaving aside all pretenses, the Canadian authorities warned Mr. Galalae that unless he extinguishes The People’s Protection Court and stops his activism he would be arrested again.  Mr. Galalae responded by saying that his fundamental rights and conscience are not for sale.  A new arrest warrant was promptly issued but the police did not find Mr. Galalae at home.  Friends alerted him and he was able to bypass several roadblocks, drive throughout the night to the eastern provinces and a few days later swim into the US clandestinely.  He is now a dissident in exile and Canada has joined the list of politically oppressive regimes.

Since Mr. Galalae has no intention of ever returning to Canada, as long as it is governed by closet neo-fascists, he has applied for political asylum to Costa Rica, Argentina, Venezuela and Bolivia; nations he deems least likely to be under the sway of the Anglo-American coalition that rules the world.  He points out that should all of these countries refuse him asylum, as Switzerland already has, it will prove that the world is fully under authoritarian rule and that the global elites, despite differences on minor issues, are of one mind when it comes to stifling legitimate political dissent and combating any alternatives to the ideology of greed, the brand of corporate capitalism that is being forced on us and that is condemning mankind to a state of slavery.

To get back from the general and geopolitical circumstances to the particulars of Mr. Galalae’s case, one must ask, how do you reduce a man’s life to three T-shirts and no country, for that is the extent of Mr. Galalae’s possessions and the status of his citizenship?  How do you turn an excellent father, a devoted husband, a law-abiding citizen, an internationally respected human rights activist and a well-paid professional writer into a “criminal” with 5 arrests, one conviction, a fugitive from “justice”, a bankrupt man, and a dissident in exile for merely knocking on the in-laws’ door to see and hug his children?  The answer is, by breaking the spirit and the letter of the law to fulfill political objectives that cannot be openly pursued without shattering the illusion of freedom.

Mr. Galalae compares his treatment at the hands of the Canadian authorities with that of his father, 25 years ago, at the hands of Romania’s communist authorities and has this to say.

The communist authorities did not prosecute my father under the cover of the criminal code, as I have been in Canada; they accused him openly of a political offense and convicted him as such.  Yet the West pretends to be free of political oppression.  They did not throw my father out of his own home, confiscated his property, robbed him of his intellectual property, or forcibly separated him from his children, as I have been in Canada.  Yet the West is said to respect property rights and international covenants.  They did not falsify my father’s medical records or court transcripts, did not deny him bail or access to the evidence, did not force him into a mental asylum for his political views, and did not coerce his lawyers to act in bad faith.  All these violations were committed against me in Canada with the full cooperation of the judiciary and the tacit silence of the media.  Yet the West prides itself on being bound by the rule of law and of having a free press.

What we have since 9/11 is a gradual departure from democracy and the rule of law towards an increasingly despotic global elite intent on advancing and entrenching a Beijing-type consensus that combines the worst of both worlds: economic exploitation under a regime of brutal corporate capitalism (in which 1% lavish in unimaginable wealth, 9% prosperand serve as a buffer, and the remaining 90% struggle for survival); and political oppression under a regime of surveillance, censorship and control (in which human rights and civil liberties exist only as long as one does not try to exercise them and in which democracy is but a meaningless word).

The motivating factor behind the economic exploitation that is being imposed on us is greed, while the motivating factor behind the political oppression imposed on us is prejudice.  Greed and prejudice are the common denominators of the New World Order and the only norms it truly espouses.

The Breiviks of Canada wear fancy titles – attorney general, speaker of the house, minister of justice, prime minister – but beneath their veneer of civility hides the same sickness as in Breivik, racism.  What differs is the method they chose to satisfy their racism.  While Breivik wielded an automatic weapon to mow down innocent children because their parents are not racist enough to satisfy his idea of patriotism, Canada’s Breiviks wield the law and the institutions of state to destroy my children’s lives because I do not acquiesce to racist and oppressive policies and thus fail to satisfy their idea of what it means to be a good Canadian.

The most disturbing paradox in this sad saga is that I have been gradually stripped of every right and liberty not by Al Qaida or any other terrorist group, but by the very people and institutions purportedly protecting us from terrorism.

This is no accident but an intentional message.  What it means is that under the current leadership of global elites unrestrained by democratic checks and balances, those who defend the weak, the poor and the foreign are enemies of the global super state, will be stripped of all their rights and liberties, and will have nowhere to turn for justice because the media and the judiciary are fully complicit in the destruction of freedom, democracy and decency.  The global super state, despite its pretences, tolerates only one ethos, the ideology of greed, and that can only be advanced and entrenched globally if it is imposed by hook and by crook.

One must therefore ask who are they waging war on, terrorists or human rights activists.  The relentless and unapologetic way in which the British and Canadian governments have attacked and destroyed my life and my children’s universe, as well as the rights and liberties they purportedly defend, proves that the more important war for them is the war they wage on human rights activists and on those who resist the expansion of capitalist exploitation.  The war on Al Qaida and other terrorist groups is but a sideline.

In this environment, the few remaining pockets of conscience are rooted out mercilessly because they are incompatible with a system that is immoral to the core.  To perpetuate the illusion that justice is still a guiding principle, international courts serve only as a last line of deception.  Already the UN Human Rights Commissioner and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) have failed in their duties and have thus shown their true colors.  We shall soon see if the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (IACHR) and the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC), both of whom I have appealed to at the beginning of May, are equally derelict in their duties.

If they are, The People’s Protection Court will initiate and enforcement agency, a People’s Protection Force, and will deputize citizens to carry out the rulings of the People’s Court to restore justice to its rightful place and to defend citizens from state violence and super state oppression.  This will be the beginning of the end for the global elite who now think to be above the law and above decency.  Blinded by their arrogance, they will soon find themselves judged and convicted by the very people they now treat with such disdain.

For we all agree that a system which uses children as pawns and as hostages for political ends and breaks their innocent hearts does not deserve to exist, and that the people who commit such atrocities in the name of the system deserve to be labeled and treated as terrorists.


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